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Our Patients

    • Tracey Carper

      Tracey Carper

        On May 13, Tracey Carper was at home going about her daily routine when she began feeling “a little off.” The 57-year-old airport worker felt unsteady and her left arm was tingling, which she first attributed to sleeping on it the wrong way.… View more

    • James Summers

      James Summers

      At 2 a.m., 36-year-old James Summers woke up to what felt like a “pop” in his abdomen, followed by searing pain. His mother drove him to the emergency room, where scans revealed a perforated colon. Transferred to UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg, James… View more

    • Leslie-Proctor-photo.jpg

      Leslie Proctor

      Leslie Proctor, a 53-year-old former certified nursing assistant from Harrisburg, PA, started to feel ill in November. She thought she might have a hernia and sought treatment, but her symptoms persisted. On January 3, she went to the UPMC… View more

    • Cynthia Perry

      Cynthia Perry

      As a municipal transit driver, Cynthia Perry started the day like any other — transporting residents around the city. By shift’s end, she called her mom asking to meet her at the local emergency room. Cynthia was feeling weakness in her… View more

    • Dennise Baker

      Dennise Baker

      Dennise Baker had always been content living alone in Alabama. It wasn’t until January 2019 that she realized living alone can have its drawbacks. After developing the flu and pneumonia, she was admitted to her local hospital. … View more

    • Mary-Middaugh

      Mary Middaugh

      Mary Middaugh was experiencing issues with her knees, resulting in severe lack of mobility. Her doctor recommended operating on both knees at the same time. Mary had previously visited a friend in the Helen M. Simpson Rehabilitation Hospital… View more

    • HelenDeimler

      Helen Deimler

      It was December when Helen Deimler fell from a chair while cleaning for Christmas. Helen came to the Helen M. Simpson Rehabilitation Hospital to recover and get to the things she loves. Helen speaks highly of the staff and her treatment.… View more