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  • A dedicated team of professionals helps you adjust and gain maximum function, monitoring progress and providing expertise and support.

    The Care Team

    A physiatrist specializing in care of amputees works closely with occupational and physical therapists to develop a therapy plan, monitor your progress and provide support as you begin using a prosthesis or learn to cope with a new disability. A prosthetist is available for immediate consults during your treatments.

    A case manager, who can help you find additional supportive resources, and psychologist are easily added to your care team. Ongoing communication with your family physician is another important part of your care.


    All treatments are focused on helping you become comfortable and gaining maximum function and independence with your prosthesis.

    Treatments may include:

    • Gait analysis
    • Individual exercise plan
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy

    Amputee Clinic

    A monthly amputee clinic assures you’ll receive appropriate follow-up care and support following loss of upper or lower extremities. Monthly medical evaluations with a physiatrist and appropriate therapists assure that you are healing properly and can be fitted for a prosthesis and begin therapy in a timely manner.

    Depending on insurance, amputee therapy can take place in the same setting with the supportive guidance of specially trained physical and occupational therapists.

    Your appointment must be scheduled by your physician. Have your physician's office call for an appointment: (717) 657-7191.