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Patient Resources

  • A significant part of one’s rehabilitation process goes beyond the therapy services that they will receive. This includes patient resources that will assist the patient in their educational process. Such resources can include general orientation, referral to support groups or referral to various organizations, just to name a few. 

    While at Helen M. Simpson Rehab, our patients will have two primary sources for different resources that they might need such as information on support groups, community transportation or various referrals.  The first such resource is your case manager will also be available to provide you with any resources that you might need.  Secondly, a resource library exists both in our rehab gym available to you and your family as well as in our case management office.  

    Helpful Links:

    National Stroke Association www.stroke.org  
    American Heart Association www.aha.org  
    Center for Disease Control www.cdc.gov/stroke  
    National Aphasia Association www.aphasia.org  

    Brain & Spinal Cord Injury  
    Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania  http://www.biapa.org  
    Brain Injury Association of America www.biausa.org  
    National Spinal Cord Injury Association www.spinalcord.org  
    The Kessler Foundation www.kesslerfoundation.org  
    The Cristopher Reeve Foundation www.christopherreeve.org  

    Amputee Coalition www.amputee-coalition.org  

    Alzheimer’s Organization www.alz.org  

    Other Resources  
    Special Transportation Services www.miamidade.gov/transit/special-transportation.asp  
    Medicare www.medicare.gov