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Working Together to Advance Your Recovery

It takes a dedicated team of rehabilitation specialists, support staff and administrative personnel at Helen M. Simpson Rehabilitation Hospital to ensure quality care and individual progress.

Depending on your diagnosis and rehabilitation needs and goals, your team may include:

  • Physiatrists who are physicians board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation will direct your overall medical care. Other specialist physicians may also be involved in your treatment as needed.
  • Rehabilitation nurses will assist you with medications, self-care and help reinforce techniques learned in therapy sessions. They are on-duty 24 hours a day. Specially trained nursing assistants will also contribute to your care and comfort.
  • Physical therapists will help optimize your muscle control, balance, flexibility and movement. They also help you build strength and endurance.
  • Occupational therapists will help you regain the skills and strategies needed to perform daily activities such as dressing, grooming and eating. They will also assess your need for assistive equipment and help resolve any visual or cognitive issues you may have.
  • Speech-language pathologists will work with you to improve language, cognition and communication skills, as well as swallowing deficits.
  • Case managers will coordinate your discharge, helping to identify the appropriate destination, continued medical and rehabilitation services and equipment, as well as sharing community and other resources that may be available.
  • Pharmacists will work closely with you, your physician, nurses and therapists to ensure that your medication needs are met.
  • Dietitians will provide a nutritional plan designed to help regain your strength. This may include providing supplements or texture modifications and/or preparing vegetarian, kosher or other special diets.

Additionally, other clinical, administrative and support staff may be consulted as needed. 



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