Patients are discharged to home at a rate of 84.2%. 
During their stay, patients received an average of 16 hours of therapy per a week.
The average patients stay at our hospital is 12.8 days. 
Patients readmit to prior hospital at a rate of 7.6%.
Over 2023, we served 1,258 patients. 
The average age of patients over 2023 was 73.9 years old.


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Our goal is to help our patients regain strength, recover skills and return to daily activities with as much independence as possible.

To gauge how well we are helping individuals reach these milestones, Penn State Rehabilitation Hospital measures and monitors our patients’ outcomes and other quality metrics.

For an overview of our program, please download our Patient Outcomes report.

Let Us Help

We will work closely with you, and your family, physician and/or the referring hospital to ensure a smooth transition to Helen M. Simpson Rehabilitation Hospital.